Medieval Fortified Village

I'm currently on the terraforming of the village's pedestals: not much to show, it's a long and tedious work! And above all, I have to plan if there will be a continuation and on which side...
I also took all the roofs to make them appear more 14th century, with more marked tints, dust between the tiles, moss and earth. It's also quite long to do and I have to make sure that all the roofs have the same alteration.

This village will take many more months to complete...! :cool:

But for 2021 (and beyond...), I thought a little bit about a complementary continuation of the village.
A Harbour

Here's a diagram to help me get my thoughts straight:

At the same time, a friend offered me his help, and he has the extreme kindness to design and print in 3D, according to classic plans, a 14th century cog, I still have to dress it in wood paint, make the accessories and the rigging. Plus all the equipment on a scale that would be almost impossible to reproduce in wood with such finesse: various carts, boats, wheelbarrows, grinding wheel, wooden crates, barrels... And I can stay focused on the construction without spending tens of hours on accessories. All this with things I already have in wood and cardboard will give life to the whole!

The prototype of the small-scale cog :

And the "real one" in several pieces :

Everything else:

And finally, skeletons of boats to create and complete a shipyard :

Very good idea- will the city walls extend to protect the harbour or will the port sit outside the protection of the walls?
Nice 3D prints by the wayThumbsup
Very good idea- will the city walls extend to protect the harbour or will the port sit outside the protection of the walls?
Excellent question!
And to answer you: no, the walls of the village will not go all the way to the port. This will allow me to treat the buildings a little differently with warehouses made entirely of wood and houses with no longer cut stones and tiles, but cob on a row of stone and thatched roofs!
If one day I continue to add extensions outside the walls, then the houses will be poorer and made with more accessible materials. :)
I started something completely different.

Years ago (around twenty!), I subscribed to a Del Prado collection (when it still existed ...). I never had time to do this thing, and I quietly locked it in boxes all this time.
Today, to change things a bit, I brought out all this stuff, and I plan to move forward a little.

It is a medieval fortified village from the Middle Ages to be built in mini brick, stone by stone. As usual with collection publishers, Del Prado had entered into a partnership with a kit manufacturer which still exists: Aedes Ars. Some of you may know.
They design all kinds of reconstituted stone kits of monuments, houses, castles, etc.

It is a long, tedious job, with each stone to be adjusted. And personally, I'm new to the field ... We'll see!
That said, I won't be able to prevent myself from personalizing a little ...




At the end of the construction of each element, the whole must constitute a village; it is planned to make it a global diorama. I'll do it a little differently ... But we're not there yet!
In parallel, I will certainly also start a boat to change my mind from time to time. I will present it to you later.

The first building will be the church of this village.
The work has started: we have to organize, cut, correct, strengthen the cardboard structure (I mounted the cardboard 20 years ago, it had collapsed a bit, we had to take off parts to put them back more late) ...







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