Russia KV-1 (1942) Heavy Cast Turret Tank (1:35) - Trumpeter

Do you switch wood over the plastic, Zoly? Nothing wrong with that, just curious...Usually, it is another way around...:p

No switching just parallel learning,I will also start paper too,I am planning to build a few plastic and paper ships,so this tank gives me a plastic headstart,I also order some photo etch bending tools.
Very nice...I had a few plastic ships under my belt. I like this hobby, but the 1/350 scale is too small for my eyes. But with ample aftermarket and photoetch parts -plastic kits makes a nice hobby (considered fewer tools you may need). Will watch, if you don't mind. :)
I am sure you are all well aware of the glues available on the market today for plastic models. In my experience, the best is Tamiyas' super-thin (don't have a picture) but it is a square bottle and green cup. It works just great: it is thin like water juts tight together parts an introduce the glue with a built-in applicator.
I use a few years back... perhaps there may be a better one today!!!??