the Colonial Schooner Hannah in 1/48 [COMPLETED BUILD]

Your scaffolding looks beautiful Shota and complements your build very well.
good evening dear friends
Today I took another small step in the last line in the construction process of the ship model .
I received the display box, it is made of acrylic / Plexiglas material. The supplier did a quality job. 20211020_213745.jpg20211020_213838.jpg
I also started working on the mast in the bow of the ship, there is still no sufficient documentation / photo.
Hello dear friends
Today I built an open shed / workshop, which will be placed next to the ship. I drew the shape of the shed to a scale that matched the ship and then made all the parts that make it up. I started by building the base of the shed, to which I attached six wooden beams. Three beams were 6.5 millimeters shorter than the others, to produce a slope in the shed roof. I then attached the beams that would support the roof including angle reinforcements and later sanded all the roof beams to produce a uniform and clean slope for the roof.

I am very pleased with the result


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Hello dear friends
Today I am pleased to announce that I have completed the model, as its presentation seeks to introduce the ship in the advanced stages of its construction. Most people and especially children and youth are unfamiliar with how the ships were built. How the presentation will help in the information process, I tried this with my children aged 12, 18 and 21 and even with my wife and it has been proven that it contributes a lot to understanding and stimulating thought.

Pay attention to the compass with its box that I placed next to the model.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members for the support and encouragement, for the helpful advice, which helped me get better during the construction process.

I will probably take a few days to decide what the next project will be and share the decision with you.


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שלום ידידי שוטה! היום הוא היום המיוחד שלך לסיום דגם בניית השריטות הראשון שלך. לא רק דגם השריטה הראשון, דגם ה- POF הראשון! עקבתי אחר כל יומן הבנייה שלך ויכול באמת להודות שהכישורים שלך גדלים ככל שאתה מתקדם בשלבים שונים של הבנייה. בניית דגם ה- POF היא משימה לא פשוטה, אבל יצרת דגם יפה, ואני ממש גאה בך. מזל טו!!

Hello, my friend, Shota! Today is your special day of finishing your first scratch building model. Not just the first scratch model, the first POF model! I was following your entire build log along and can truly admit that your skills grow as you advance in different stages of the build. Building the POF model is not an easy task, but you have made a beautiful model, and I am really proud of you. Congrats!! :)
Congratulations my friend. You have built a beautiful model with an appropriate setting. It was a joy to join you on your journey and watch you bring your vision into existence. To create is one of the ways we reflect the one who created us in His image. Bravo!
You can be so happy with your Hannah! You have made a bold decision by starting your first scratch-build, have learnt a tremendous lot (also about yourself) and have completed a beautiful model. Respect my friend is yours!
Congratulations for finishing this interesting model - great arrangement
Very good -> Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup
Hello my dear friend Shota,
Sorry I have been away for so long. I am just now getting back into things. Catching up with your build log here. What a wonderful and beautiful model you built my friend. Can't wait to see the start of your next model.

Congrats Shota,

Hello Shota,
Congratulations on a finishing a very fine build! I love the out buildings and pieces laying about. I shall stay in touch with whatever your next build is.