Trumpeter 1/200 Bismarck Build [COMPLETED BUILD]

Jan 7, 2022
Hi Jim, I read on the "FineScale Modeler" site about Trumpeter's kit 1/200 this consideration:
«I started this construction in February 2013 and immediately found the plastic would not accept paint or primer. Strange swirls on the main deck and hull were especially noticeable. Numerous cleanings and mineral-spirit scrubbings ensued until May, when I found Vallejo’s new acrylic-polyurethane surface primer worked. Long-term performance is unknown».
Are these difficulties for you painting too? Which primer did you use? Thanks
Hi Mario,

I'm currently started on this project, and just came across this post online and had to join this awesome forum. So far I am using Vallejos acrylic-polyeurthane primer with absolutely no problems what so ever. I did not scrub the ship or even wash it before starting, and the paint seems to be sticking quite well. I am a little nervous on how to seal it, I'm assuming pledge future like we do on tank models.