USS Constitution, 1:76.8


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Systems Administrator IV
Aug 21, 2011

Madison, MS
you are much braver than I am by taking just the plans to build this Connie. I would not even know where to start - well, I think I could get as far as sawing out the Bulkheads and attaching them to the keel, but after that, I would be in the dark.

I think you mentioned about the tips of the Bulkheads being fragile. The only thing I can think of to keep them from breaking or snapping would be to fashion some type of "spreader bar" that would reach from side to side (port to starboard). The problem is that (I guess this couldn't be glued) as then the spreaders would have to be removed after the upper bulwarks were planked.

I am sure that you mentioned it, but it does look like a 'ply' for the Bulkheads. What is the thickness, 3/16? One more question. Did you get an instruction manual with the plans? Did you know you could download the instruction manual from M.E.? Maybe you mentioned this too already, but in case I could not help myself, so I went ahead and attached the M.E. building instructions to the Connie. My bad if you already have this info - I am way too late.

of all things, I am having problems uploading the pdf file.... hold on.