USS Gambier Bay (CVE -73) 1/350 by Hasegawa with Hasegawa photo etch [COMPLETED BUILD]

Will, what scale Akagi as i 3 1/450 scale of her, 2 unbuilt & 1 built i got off ebay that i'm thinking of kitbashing into a 3 decker(pre-ww2)?
Hey David been awhile. My Hasegawa Akagi is 1/350 scale. I'll be using Hasegawa photo etch kits A, B, C, Jackstays, wood deck. I have been unable to find the super detail set and in the interim I'll use the SSmodelskit super detail kit. This leaves me without any super detail instructions but hoping I can muddle through.
Congratulations Will, very nice work.I look forward to seeing her kitted out with planes :)

Kind Regards

Thanks Nigel! I'm waiting for the correct blue paint for the planes. In 1944 the navy started painting the planes a monochromatic color scheme glossy sea blue (fs 15042). So I ordered a lacquer paint in the color of fs 15042 and will paint the aircraft in the monochromatic scheme.
Looks great! Get those birds in the air. The details are making it and absolutely worth it.