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ADDITIONAL NOTES Cyberbullying: Ships of Scale knows that there are people and lives behind the models. We put more emphasis on people rather than the hobby.
Therefore, Cyberbullying is stricly prohibited at "any time and moment" that Ships of Scale is mentioned in any medium, internet, facebook, etc that participates in any form of cyberbullying. Even though at this writing, it is not considered a Federal Offense, most all states (49) address this concern one way or another. Further reading can be directed here concerning each states laws: https://www.instantcheckmate.com/crimewire/post/cyberbullying-laws-by-state/

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In addition, if Ships of Scale receives any Cyberbullying from any other entity, business, organization, persons, Ships of Scale has a "right" to pursue this crime to the authorities and also to an attorney.
This also includes online defamation.
Cyberbullying is not restricted to "young adults, children, schools, etc", but also extends into adult type of behavoir. This behavior should not be taken lightly as this form of activity has cause lives lost and other sometimes drastic measures. The point, it that you do not know who you are affecting by your harrasment.
Point being that Ships of Scale will NOT tolerate ANY form of harrasment, threats, making "fun" of members, discourating the activities, copy and pasting comments and sections from the forum to use at your site to promote anger, frustration, emotional harrasment, and false information.

ADDITIONAL NOTES on Copyright: Ships of Scale in itself as a sole entity is not nor has ever been engaged in the manufacturing, creating, selling as a "business" of any model ship that has been "allegedly" copyrighted from any other source. For those of you that have and are designing a ship and marketing it, it is in YOUR best interest to protect your PRODUCT. Ships of Scale is not the police to make sure that your product does not fall into the hands of POTENTIAL pirates. This is YOUR problem. Not Ships of Scales problem. Ships of Scale is only acts as a forum for people to freely exchange information.

Ships of Scale will be issuing a continuation of statements regarding Copyright issues. The list is starting out as a basic guideline. This is not exhaustive and as time permits and goes forward, I will be adding to this informative as I gain more info perhaps from my attorney.

Very straight forward. Ships of Scale is in no way breaking any copyright laws by "allowing" people to "build from plans" or "Build from Kits" that originate from any country other than United States. It is the burden of proof that if anyone alleges that their design, fabrication, ect has been pirated. Then that is between the developer and the foreign company to work out any legal issues. Therefore, Ships of Scale maintains all fairness in the modeler choosing, buying, and building any kit or model that is available from any other country.

First and foremost, this is what Ships of Scale requires when building a ship from plans.
Purchase the plans from a known reputability source such as the Smithsonian or any other maritime organization that you purchase plans from.
In your Build Log, Please state that these plans were purchased and where purchased from _______ A person requesting plans from you must buy their own plans.
Do not make a copy of the plans that you bought to give that copy to anyone.
The bottom line is simple. Buy your own plans, build your own ship.
If you want to sale the ship that you built, that is fine, you can not sale the plans that go with it. You must retain the plans to yourself.
All members and new members, do not ask anyone for plans. This goes for any plans such as from other kit makers such as Mantua, Sergal, Panart, Occre, Arstesania Latina, Victory, Caldercraft, Jotika, Deans Marine, and this list is not complete, but you get the point.

Purchasing kits from eBay. This has become a highly debated issue lately and the "sole" purpose that Ships of Scale exist is for the modeler to express his or her abilities via Build Logs and initially, in my humble opinion, a "Build Log" originally is and was introduced so that the modeler can keep track and keep a record of his or her accomplishments just like a real build log done with real ships. The original build log intent was for the builder to keep a record. However, now as time has matured, build logs have become more than that, but a place for others to share their knowledge and for fun. It is a hobby. However, to some, it has become more than that and has turned it into an industry.

Ships of Scale is not interested in your industry nor your business, nor if you think your development has been pirated. That issue is between your development and the said company. If you create and design ships, then this is your business. Ships of Scale only exist for people to share their interest in building ships and will "allow" people to build what ever they decide to build and purchase from any company they so desire.

Ships of Scale believes that the burden lies on the creator and the design of your model ship to protect your copyright and it would be in best interest to register your design.

Ships of Scale has no way nor any knowledge or any way of investigating (nor desires to investigate) if any model has been copied by any other company whether it be China, Russia or any other country. It goes beyond the scope and time and effort for Ships of Scale to trace and track down if any other country is copying item for item any design. It must be proven and that proof must lie with the creator of your project and design.

Again, this list is not exhaustive but just covers the basics. The main basics is covered in the first mentioned section about plans. It is simple. Buy your own plans, Build your own ship. Buy your own kit, build your own kit.

If you have a kit and are missing plans, then it is your responsibility to contact the manufacture to obtain your own plans. If you have kit plans do not give or sale those kit plans to anyone.

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