1. ikecurran

    Mary Rose - Caldercraft Build log

    I have now finished studying and planning, build starts tomorrow
  2. Short John Bronze

    Mary Rose - Caldercraft 1:80

    While working on the lower hull of Mary Rose I cobbled up a support to protect the upper works while it was upside down. The base board connects to the inverted hull by dowels inserted in the mast wells. On righting the model I found that I had created a Tudor aircraft carrier .
  3. Hoss6262

    H.M.S. Victory - Caldercraft - Unboxing

    Recently JohnB163 had some questions about people's experience with ZHL models (which are quality productions), specifically the H.M.S. Victory. I happen to have the Caldercraft version of the ship in dry dock (storage closet). If I had not gotten it as a gift, I may have picked up ZHL's...
  4. Alex R

    Caldercraft HMS Snake started 10 yrs ago- on dry dock again re-fitting

    Hi everyone. I started this build of HMS Snake about 10 yrs ago, did first layer of hull planking and deck, and put it in mothballs (prison hulk ?) . Just re-started. Finished second layer of planking, coppering, and paint. Now working on armament (waiting on replacement carronades from...
  5. neptune

    Caldercraft Steam Tug Imara 1/32nd scale by neptune

    Now I have finished my Borkum Steam Launch, I just have to wait to get time to take her to the pond, I have decided to carry on with my Imara Tug, I don't have a lot of pics of the early construction as they were lost when the MSW forum crashed a couple of times, the basic hull and super...
  6. Kageecanuck

    The Mary Rose by Caldercraft [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Unpacking the box Have to catch up a little been working on the ship for about a month now.
  7. nick-edw

    HMS Victory 1/72 Caldercraft

    Here is a bit of a retrospective dating back around ten years to when I started this project! I'm hoping for some help and guidance with the string element of the project which is looming ever closer now! I'm not going to bore you with the frame and plank stuff as it all looks pretty similar on...
  8. nick-edw

    Hi everyone - I'm the new guy

    Just joined the forum as you have some really interesting stuff going on! Let's get this out of the way - I'm mostly an aviation modeller (there I said it) but do have one ship build under my belt - USS Arizona in 1/200th, The reason I'm here though, is this lady:- I've been working on...
  9. Uwek

    Kit review HMS AGAMEMNON - 1781 - 64 gun ship - scale 1:64 - JOTIKA / Krick

    Today I want to show you one of my favourite kits I have stored, hope to build it once. It is the scale 1:64 kit of HMS Agamemnon 1781, a 64 gun ship of the line of the Ardent-class, which is produced by JOTIKA Ltd. from UK In Germany and some other countries it is sold via Krick under their...
  10. R

    Richard Simmons UK Model Ship Builder

    HI Been building model ships for about 50 years. After the disappointed builds of REvel THermopolae and a plastic Victory Read Anatomy of Nelson's Ships by LOngridge and sore I would build a scratch Victory Started with a Bulling kit Not Impressed until I was introduced to the incredible Panart...
  11. G

    The Mary Rose

    My next build will be the Mary Rose, a ship I have been interested in since she was found in 1971 and raised in 1982. Since then she has been the subject of intense conservation, from the timbers to the everyday objects of those who were onboard her when she sank in 1545 within sight of King...
  12. M

    Caldercraft HM Gunboat William 1795 1:32 Scale

    This will be a brand new build log for the Caldercraft HM Gunboat William in 1:32 scale. I thought this would be a good follow-up to my Civil War Picket boat. By the weight of the box this feels like a beefy kit. All the parts are CNC cut so no laser char to sand. There are also some very...
  13. G

    HMS Snake

    Hi Donnie/everyone and greetings from the UK. I’ve built models all my life, most lately plastic scale armour (I like Tamiya kits for the accuracy of the mouldings and detail) which I put into diorama scenes. I have only made one wooden ship before. My Dad was a good modeller and I bought him...
  14. R

    Build Log: Jotika/Caldercraft 1/64 HM Brig Badger

    Hello to all, I've been building this kit (my 3rd ship) for some time now, I'm already a bit far into the build but I thought I'd share my progress here. It's better late than never right? ;-) For some historical info, this model is based on a captured American Brig in 1777, whose original...