1. kirill4

    Spanish Galleon 1607 , LEE(IMAI) 1:100 May 2021 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Good day, Dear friends, Let me introduce short build log of assembling LEE(IMAI) kit of Spanish Galleon of 1607 as kit maker stated. This May 2021 I finally reached the end of completion of this many years task !!! :))) When I purchased this kit long time ago...somewhere in 2003 if I...
  2. S

    San Martin galleon - 1:192 scale - Navy board style

    A model of a Spanish (originally Portuguese) galleon in a navy board style (this is my second wood model). The materials are boxwood, pear, linden and ebony.Probably some photo-etched parts. There are few source materials, plans are imagination rather than reality.Probably the only contemporary...
  3. Broadsides

    Modified Airfix 1:144 Scale Classic Series WASA c.1628

    Professionally I build by way of scratch. But from time to time I obtain a plastic kit and work it as if it were wood -replacing as much of the plastic as possible and reinforcing the remainder using pine, birch and/or bass woods. On occasion, where warranted I will upgrade certain areas with...
  4. Ondras71

    Roter Löwe 1597 by Ondras71 - scala 1/60

    My previous kit construction has been completed. [URL unfurl = "true"] [/ URL] Another construction I started in 2017 is a build from scratch. I've decided for a 16th century galleon, which I always...

    La Couronne Corel/scratch 1:100 First build [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Hello everyone! Like my father before me, I sailed merchant ships as an Engineering Officer, and have always loved square riggers. After eight years living aboard ship, seawater still flows in my veins twenty-five years later. I built several plastic ones as a boy, and now am returning to the...