1. PeterMichael

    HALCON 1840 1/100

    This is when I put the bulwarks on and I have started planking the hull, I was very nervous about the planking but it is coming together nicely for me. It started off very slow but with hit water and a travel iron I was able to get this far today, I've also attached pictures of the process when...
  2. PeterMichael

    HALCON 1840 1/100 scale

    I've just soaked my bulwarks in warm water for about 10-15 minutes and I was able to clamp them to sides of my boat, I'm going to leave them to dry overnight and hopefully fingers crossed they will hold the shape after drying, I'll post another thread tomorrow to show how it went
  3. PeterMichael

    Schooner HALCON 1840 sailing ship 1/100 scale

    I'm new to model boat building, I recently purchased a small Schooner HALCON sailing ship 1/100 scale and to my surprise there's very little instructions, they barely show u how to assemble the hull and deck and there's no instructions at all for assembling the sail's or the masts. I did find...
  4. Freakert

    1:100 Halcon 1840 Schooner

    Hello, This will be a build log of the $15 1:100 Halcon 1840 kit from aliexpress. This will be my first wooden static sailing ship. I have built some RC boats before, but they were built for speed, and now it is time to build something for the looks. So, after waiting for about 2 weeks for...