Hello Dean, I'm back after a long hard summer . You have did a great job on your YQ-Bluenose and in such a short tine, Well Done.
Bernadette and I take this moment to Wish you and your Family a Very Merry Christmas an an Ever Happier New Year to Come. Your little Grand Daughter looks so cute and sweat, do please give her a hug from us.
Regards Bernadette and Lawrence
Thank you very much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your wife!
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Dean, your BLUENOSE is beautiful, looking through your building was awesome and inspiring! I do have to ask as I might habe missed it, what kit is this and what stains did you use for deck and hull plankings?
Thank you! I used a water based golden oak stain on the deck. The hull was clear coated, no stain. The kit is manufactured by YQ.
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Frame installation continues...bolt heads added and frames glued in place after test fitting and adjusting the notches if necessary.
View attachment 239962View attachment 239963View attachment 239964View attachment 239965View attachment 239966View attachment 239967

Obligatory cathedral shot (initiated by Brewbarian in his log) looking inside of the frames...sitting loosely in the jig.View attachment 239951
Good morning Dean,
Did you make a jig for the bolt heads or just measure from the frame connections?
I want mine to be perfectly aligned as are yours.
What a beautiful model.
Thank you
Thank you Heinrich! I actually stained the rat lines darker to give it a tarred look. ;)
I didn't want to go with black, because no contrast. And I didn't want the lighter tan because that is for running rigging. At least that's my logic.
I love your rigging. A couple of questions if you don't mind.
Are you using the rigging materials provided in the kit and what did you use for the stain on the rat lines.
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