Beautiful scratch work Dean
Went to family in den Helder yesterday
Den Helder is a place where many fishermen and marine people live and where the most famous lighthouse in the Netherlands is about to collapse
I showed them your photos, and they were impressed
Thank You Henk! I am sure they will be impressed with your Bluenose once finished! ;)
It is now just after two in the morning and as per usual I can't sleep. Outside the wind is picking up as the elements are readying themselves for one of the last heavy rainstorms of the summer monsoon season. I am in the spare bedroom browsing through the posts on SOS on my old Dell laptop when I see your completed build pictures. Invariably I lean back against the pillows and close my eyes. And vividly I hear again the sounds of a Cape South Easter bringing alive the rigging of Assegaai as she bobs impatiently and strains her mooring lines in Cape Town harbor - the scene silhouetted by the monotonous yet faithful sweep of light from the lonely and seemingly distant lighthouse.

Thank you for reviving these memories ...
Thank you Heinrich for your continued support. Now get some sleep... :p
WOW Dean!
What a beautiful lighthouse! Very well done, I love the detail and your method of construction. Your son's going to be so proud to have this gift.
I am using your own building log, not to be off topic on others

Just want to say, that I like your new avatar with your grandchild on your arms very much

She is so pretty !!!!
Thank you Uwek! I appreciate that! ;)
She was very young in that picture, but loves her Nonno! Here is a more recent picture, she is now 4 yrs old.