Bluenose by Liebre

Made the rudder this weekend and applied the decorations, the line is 0.5 mm

The last not quite the logical order the last, but with my temporary construction with the legs I was able to work the hull on both sides floating and orderly as I also with the had done planking

And then finally..... out of the mold


As due to the bad light at the moment (the dark days before Christmas) tried to get a better picture

Regards Henk
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Hello Henk Very nice work on your YQ-Bluenose she is coming along very nicely, Well Done. I am very sorry that I have not been on your build log for so long but I am back now.
Bernadette and I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and A Ever Happier and Better New Year to Come.
Regards Bernadette and Lawrence
Hi Laurence,
Thank you, and nice to hear from you again

There's no need to say sorry,

I look forward to seeing the 3D printed parts I previously sent to you appear on your deck in the new year

Also our side one a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Regards Henk
Hi Henk. I have seen you BN last Friday and it looks nice and special.
For those who haven't noticed yet: Henk has planked the starboard side and left the port side open. And with a personalized deck planking. Top!
On this picture from last Friday D.B.B.S. meeting, Henk’s BN is standing in the middle:
You can notice his open port side very well.
Regards, Peter