Congratulations Phil! Completing any ship model is an accomplishment that comes with many hours of work and dedication! Thumbs up on the good work and for finishing! ;)
Hi pay2700
II have purchased this kit, ( not arrived yet )
but I have enjoyed watching your build progress, And final ship.
I just hope I can produce something close to this with Bluenose #054. thanks for sharing.

Hello fellow modelers. I have been watching this group build and have learned a great deal. Not the least of which have been my own lack of talent and experience.
All of you have been very generous sharing your explanations and photos. I am taking a bit of a plunge to share some of my photos beginning the bluenose which is my first POF model. I definitely have some significant shortcomings, and welcome any constructive criticism. Have been working about five or six weeks now and certainly welcome any suggestions.
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Hallo @pay2700
we wish you all the BEST and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY
are you working actual on a project?
Hi Uwek and Peter,
Thank you so much for the good wishes. I am working on the Hayling Hoy and am doing some rigging at present.
The Bluenose was my best effort to date because of all the help and support you have given me. I really appreciate you both. The ship currently resides in my daughter's house. Probably another couple of months to finish the Hayling and when done I will post some photos.
Warm regards,