HMS Bounty 1:48 Made to Harold Hahn Plans

Doing the copper plates on the hull. very time consuming and intense.. but worth it when done. I built a jig to put the nails in and a ponce wheel to do it. then i cut the strip into 4 plate segments and attached to the hull

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I haven’t posted in a while have been busy with the Mystic Seaport Ship Modelers setting up our display and workshop in the Gardner boat shop. I had Bounty’s figure done in 3D printed by a company called Aero Systems Design. It took about 3 months for them to do it as they just got the software to do the 3D model. I sent them the figure head from the plans with dimensions and the made the figure head. Here are some pics. They did an awsome job….



i havent forgotten to post here Bounty is on hold as i decided i needed to build a 1/12 scale whale boat from the Mystic seaport plans that were used to build the new whale Boats for the Morgans 38th voyage
see my new thread.... for my build
Hi lesterpalifke.
I have spent some time this morning reading through your build log and I must say you are doing a fantastic job.
My next build after I finish my little HMS Victory build will be the Bounty. so I will now be following your your progress on this build with great interest.
Keep up the good work.