HMS Victory - 1/100 Heller [COMPLETED BUILD]

Your SOS build log brought joy to my heart and stirred so many memories. I built Heller Victory in 1984 and I did some kit bashing too, but not to the beautiful extent that you did. I still have her in my collection after 38 years. You are a grand Master and I salute you and your gifted skills. Your client will be extremely satisfied with your build.
Dear Moarein,
Good day,
All "flat " sails look very realistic... like them very much!!!
but spritsail ...ehh...a little bit less realistic :( ... :)))

I don't like the way the blind looks too - I'll think about what to do about it.
The options are:
- stretched blind - but it will cover the bow of the ship
- semi-folded blind - difficult to implement, as the canvas is made of paper
- fully closed blind - I do not like the result,
- both bowsprits are without sails.

The question is:
If the the other sails are stretched, is it possible that the bowsprit sails are not there?