La Renommée - French Frigate 1744 (1/48) - Based on Monographie from J. BOUDRIOT


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Nov 22, 2018


I will try to achieve it inlaid fashion. For that, as it looks like at Ecole Boulle, I make a "package" with a pear tree (1mm), an ebony plate (1mm) surrounded by two brass plate (0.5mm). All these plates are glued together slightly on the periphery (on 1mm). Brass should prevent wood, especially ebony, from bursting during sawing:

I cover my drawing with strips of tape to preserve it, always when sawing:

I'm going to saw everything by hand: I had a PROXXON saw but I quickly got rid of it because I "feel" things better by using my hands, even if it is not as fast. The "Bocfil" will be equipped with super-thin blade, both in blade thickness and in cutting thickness:

I was going to forget: the plate will be 15cm x 8cm:

To introduce the blade, I have to drill 0.4mm, below it does not pass:

And here we go, here are my very first pieces:

As there will be a lot, and very small, I requisitioned a box to arrange everything as you go, just to find me and not to lose anything: