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Medieval Fortified Village

[QUOTE = "Patbel, message: 100570, membre: 8693"]
Quand ton village sera terminé, sera t il ouvert au public? Magnifique comme toujours, j, en bave d admiration
[QUOTE = "Patbel, message: 100570, membre: 8693"]
Quand ton village sera terminé, sera t il ouvert au public? Magnifique comme toujours, j, en bave d'admiration. Je n ose pas publier ma réalisation en cours. Oui je sais le ridicule ne tue pas mais quand même
Quel travail énorme, c est complètement fou. Tu en es à combien d heures de passées actuellement sans compter tout ce qu il te reste encore. Il n y a pas dire , c est tellement plus réaliste avec tes rajouts en bois et tout ça dans la tête sans plan . J’en reste pantois
What a huge job, it's completely crazy. How many hours you're at right now without counting all the hours you have left. Not to mention, it's so much more realistic with your wooden add-ons and all in your head without a plan. I'm still stunned.
Merci Patbel !
Je réponds en anglais, SOS est un forum international. ;)

I really don't know how many hours I've already spent on this model. But as if I were building a ship like my Victory, the Ictineo II or the Endeavour, I don't count as long as I like the ideas. I would like each building, and in the end the whole village, to be credible in the face of history and the constructions of the time.
It's a lot of hours of research and reflection to adapt what I have as material.

Thanks again to all of you for your follow-up and your comments! :cool:
Hi and thank you for your comment.

You won't find this village to build in ceramic stone for 2 reasons :
The basic kit was sold every month in subscription like at Modelspace.com for boats and other models.
- This Spanish publisher does not exist anymore (I have the kit for more than 20 years in a box).
- What I'm doing there is mostly scratch to upgrade the kit to something more realistic in my eyes.

On the other hand, the manufacturer partner at the time with the publisher still exists. This is Aedes Ars (https://www.aedesars.com/home) where you'll find other things. :)
No more woodworking with, among other things, the doors, which I find quite nice! A photo version with closed doors to start with.

Then we'll move on to the roofs! And finally, there will be the aging for this village entrance.

Small inventory of fixtures of the village:

An idea from the reference docs...

Here's the rest...
I didn't want to make a simple townhouse for this one, I'll have others in the middle of the village in a row.
This is a commonplace oven, not commonplace because it's common and uninteresting!

In the Middle Ages, a common oven was built for the whole community (to bake bread and pies) and the user paid a banality to use it for the local little lord...
The facade of the 1st floor is made of shelves to let the pies cool down! :)

Here is the beginning, with the oven in place (and the inside of it) and what will support the fireplace. This house is leaning against the wall which will receive just a small watchtower on one side.

And this real period house (and unique!) which will serve me well as a model:

Some pictures of this oven: the ground floor is built, the wall too.

I thought it was going to be quiet with this little construction, but as usual, the angles, the removal of the oven, the pillars (with a door!) on each side makes it rather more difficult and longer than expected!
Never mind, we'll take the time we need to make it correct... ;)

I haven't finished the roof of the village's communal oven yet. I had very little time these last few days to model...
But I devoted myself to one little thing anyway to complete the main constructions: a wall separating the village from the cloister.
It was out of the question to let the villagers and other visitors see the inside of the monastic part, contrary to the assembly of the basic kit.

So a separation was almost obligatory!
I added a well leaning against the wall and a drinking trough for the herds and/or the animals in the market place. The layout of this well is inspired by a real site. :cool:

It's done: the village's communal oven is finished.
I like the result, there are practically no right angles, an infernal roof, woods that seem already worn out. :)

I show some views of the village as it is today, and especially the 3 separate parts (and my glasses for the scale of the whole...) to understand the final cut.