Szkutnik - New Design POB HULL - New solution for impatient modelers


The SZKUTNIK-YARD working continuously. :)

Today we present you a 3D PRINT of the hull of a sailing ship HMS "TIGER".

3D print hull is cheaper than wooden hull made by a CNC milling machine.
The hull just needs to be covered with a veneer. The time of the gluing of the hull reduced to the minimum.

What do you think about it?
3d Tiger 2.jpg
3d Tiger 3.jpg
3d Tiger 1.jpg
Hi Kris, This is a good idea and most likely justifies the production as well as the total cost, but... it became more a plastic\resin class rather than wood. Also, it will take away all of the fun of building the hull, IMHO.
I absolutely agree with Jim. Though the product looks absolutely spotless, for me too the interesting part has always been the construction and the problems you have to overcome. That's when you learn how ships were build. But for 'impatient' builders, who are mainly interested in the end-product, this seems to be Columbus's egg (is that, like in Holland, an expression in English?) The end result comes close to Artitec's resin-cast products, which also have the wood imprint and the nails. What is left for the builder?
LIke mentioned in already in the title this solution will find the interest by "impatient modelers" - so I think it will find its market.
Me personally I would prefer the wooden cnc produced hull, because you could use real planking strips (thicker material) for the final planking.
At the end it will be a question of taste and final experiences by modelers using such a resin hull - the time will show
Interesting would be to see really the use of such a resin basis - so I am looking forward to the first building log of the HMS Tiger .....
On the other hand and an additional argument for such a pre-shaped hull form is the fact, that there are thousands of started but never finished hulls with first planking - often modelers give up, du to the fact, that they are not able to make a complete hull with first planking.
Take a look at ebay - there are dozens kits with started and never finished hulls - Therefore I say, that such a help with the resin or cnc prepared hull will find the customers and can be of a big help for some modelers

So.... Currently we can design and 3D print each hull of ship up to a maximum WIDTH of hull - 56 CM (22 INCHES). The length of the hull does not matter.
Below HMS Tiger in 1/64 scale. Working time of the 3D printer almost 100 hours. :D

3d Tiger 5.jpg
3d Tiger 4.jpg

First private order for a hull made in 3D printing technology :D Working time of the 3D printer about 180 hours.

We remind you - Currently we can design and 3D print each hull of ship up to a maximum WIDTH of hull - 56 CM (22 INCHES). The length of the hull does not matter.


All decors for the this model will be available soon. (3D Print)



I love the craftsmanship of the designer and the quality of the printing products. I guess, with the ability to design and print quality parts, you can make plastic\resin kits. It is a whole different world! But I am amazed by the quality of the printing parts. Bravo!