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  1. R

    HMS ALERT 1777 - 1:48 POF - Trident Model, By Ronco

    Hi All, I received the kit last monday, after waiting for long time my turn (I added to the list on Oct, 15 2020), the shipment was very fast at least, it took just 1 week from China to italy. This is my first POF, so I am 100% sura I will need yuor help. I spent these weeks reading the KIT...
  2. kidsgalore

    Hms Alert by Kids

    Evening I'm not very good with computers, this is the first log I've tried to do. Other craftsmen's logs explain and show much better than I can ever do. So I will just show you some pictures of where I'm up to with this very enjoyable model. Got to say a big thank you to all the other guys...
  3. Uwek

    Group Builds Building Logs of Group builds BLUENOSE, LE COUREUR and ALERT (kits)

    Still not every member knows our interesting group builds of kits where we also share the experiences in very interesting Building logs. In moment we have three kits running in our group builds - so if you are interested, please visit also these building logs on regular basis schooner...
  4. Maarten

    Hms Alert by Maarten

    Yeah my kit came in after exactly 30 days shipping and customs. I had to pay €46,- for VAT and customs clearing but it is well worth it for a box full of goodies. I will build it next to my RC and already have some ideas of what I will do with it. It won't be a straight out of the box build but...
  5. M

    Trident Model HMS Alert 1777 1:48 POF, built by mstritzl

    Well, since I am participating so much from all of yours help in this great forum, I thought I’d share my bit back to it. I am no great photographer and have quite limited time to build, so this log won’t be a leading guide like others, but maybe my insights are still valuable for someone. I...
  6. zoly99sask

    H.M.Armed Cutter Alert 1777 1:48 POF kit

    I have received the kit a few days ago and I just finished cleaning the parts
  7. L

    Trident Model - HMS Alert 1777 by Lusitania1915

    Hello, I am writing from Germany. what can I say? After a rich week my kit arrived here well packed in an undamaged box. I use DeepL for translation, and without wanting to advertise, I think it works well. More information and a real start of construction will be available in the next days...
  8. paulv1958

    HMS Alert SOS Edition by PaulV [COMPLETED BUILD]

  9. danielw

    HMS Alert 1777 by Danielw

    Well here we are.. my kit arrived safe and sound and in a shorter time than I thought....I have spent every available moment checking it out...WOW!Is this the new face of model ship building?!!!! So this is the start of my building log as promised...Be aware though, I am treating this project as...
  10. PoulD

    HMS Alert 1777 1:48 by Poul

    This is going to be my build log for HMS Alert 1777… I hope I have no experience with model building. This will be my very first try so I'm not making this log to show off or to get flattery and likes. My only motivation to make this log is to get critique and advises from which can learn and...
  11. Jolley Roger

    HMS Alert by Jolley Roger

    Here is the start of my buildlog for the Trident Model HMS Alert. It seems i'm one of the lucky ones that received an Alert before the DHgate shutdown threw a spanner in the works. The kit got delivered by Fedex, took 4 days from China to SA, then the local Fedex managed to bungle it up for...
  12. Submarinerblue

    Hms Alert 1777- Trident Model 1:48 by Submarinerblue

    I’ve started a build log for Alert, although I must admit that my progress will depend on seeing the logs from more proficient modelers to help me out since the instructions are not if very much help so far. I have built Japanese models with no English at all but with detailed colored...
  13. E

    Hms Alert 1777 1:48 -Trident Model by Experten

    In a bit of perfect timing, I received my Alert kit today, on my birthday no less! My initial impression is ”Damn, this is NICE!!” On reading the instructions, “Damn! These sorta suck!” I’ve had the AoS title for years, and that puppy is gonna get some use. We moved a couple of months ago, and...
  14. K

    The Naval Cutter ALERT- 1777, POF by KentM

    IT HAS ARRIVED!!! My first post. Hopefully this works.
  15. MystRacing

    ALERT Cutter- 1777, POF by MystRacing

    Well it'll be a little bit before I'm ready to go full bore on this project, Have some things I need to finish first. but wanted to go ahead and get a build thread started. In the interest of full disclosure I also want to see what some of the more experienced guys come up with. I hate to button...
  16. Norway

    Hms Alert 1777 1:48 - Trident Model by Norway

  17. Jimsky

    The Naval Cutter ALERT- 1777, POF by Jimsky

    Great news, folks!! Today July 27th, 2020, I have purchased the Trident Model Alert kit! The purchase experience was pleasant, straight forward, without hiccups, and took about 3~5 minutes. With this great news, I am officially joining the Alert group build and starting my own build log. When...
  18. Uwek

    HMS ALERT 1777 cutter POF by Uwek

    So I am the one starting the first building log of this interesting vessel and model kit. But before I really start to show the work, I want to summarize the data and information about the ship, available documentation and the kit Available Documentation about the HMS ALERT 1777: Book Review...