Eric's Blandford Build

Zoltan, Knut, Donfarr and Jimsky, thanks for your birthday wishes.
I have had better days, yesterday I had to "urgently" see my GP regarding colonoscopy. To keep a loooong story short the Federal government send s out a bowel cancer "kit" to everyone over 55 (in Australia), they in-turn get in touch with my GP who then refers me to a State government hospital, bear in mind that State and Federal departments do not talk to each other. The advice from my GP? - ignore the the Federal letters.
BTW I waited 45 minutes past my appointment time to see my GP, she is one very busy doctor. Doctor asks me how am I, reply - I can still walk, talk, breathe, bleed and cry, is there anything else you need? She had a good laugh and said that is the best answer she's had from any of her patients.
Eric, it has been a while since the Bland progress. Are you still working on it? or have you decided to work on something else?
I mentioned in post #50 that I had most of the frames cutout, the frames were cutout whole. I didn't take notice at the time which way the grain was running and day before yesterday found that virtually all of the frames had broken. The grain was running horizontally across the frames. The wood was very light weight and very dry, I have some pencil cedar, which is very light weight and compared to that wood, heavy, CA glue and PVA had no effect. So.
I had been given some flooring timber which had been put through a thicknesser and taken down to 12mm(thick) by 120mm(wide) so after a bit of brain storming found I could get three HALF frames out of the width, cut a rebate in each half where it attaches to the keel.P1010946.JPG
The keel was cut out on the bandsaw and only one of the recesses is correct, the second from the right, I will make a new one.

Some of the frames prior to sanding. The piece in the middle refer to last picture.

Mistake #2, I'm sure it is self explanatory. (Out of sequence)

Mistake #1, turned the wood the wrong way in the bandsaw, I will put a fillet of wood in there and sand to correct thickness. This area will have planking over it so won't be noticed.
Tomorrow (Monday) if it is not raining, back to the shipyard.
Dear reader thanks for looking in
Was only able to cut out one frame today, #7, and hopefully #8 & #9 tomorrow. Rain is holding off at the moment. For those wondering why I am concerned about the rain, I don't have work shed so I have to use power tools outside in front of the carport, I manage and improvise where necessary.
Hi Mike, Yes. The lower keel was measured/marked using a vernier gauge off the plan but when cut out I noticed that the spacing was all out of whack, so today I realized that the second spacing from the right very nicely fitted the frames that I have made and therefore marked the new keel based on that spacing, having said that, I did notice that two of the spacing's on the new keel are about 1mm too wide and I think that was due to the fact that I cut ON the line instead of inside the line or outside the line (depends where you measure from :) )
This keel is just over eight inches long, I may just leave it that way (at this stage) as I have some ideas regarding the edges of various planking's, basically not having them cut flush and square.