1. Modelship Dockyard

    New design POF HMS Blandford 1720 in scale 1:48 by Modelship Dockyard

    Hi folks, It’s Model shipyard here again. My last thread for “Le cygne” was just like few days ago, how time flies LOL(well just in case you don’t know, i did just post that thread few days ago, just a joke, avaliable...
  2. tonphil1960

    Tony’s Blandford build log.

    So got started last week on the jig and the wood was delivered. I bought Beech, Maple and Cherry for it.
  3. Brewbrarian

    The other Eric's HMS Blandford Cross Section - 1:48 - Scratch build

    Got my HMS Blandford plans from @Donnie today and I'm going through them carefully and thinking of all the new tools I can justify with this project. :cool: Seriously though, there is a lot here to absorb. I'll be easing into this as I finish up my 2nd build and reading all the logs very...
  4. A

    Anthony's 1/48th scale HMS Blandford [COMPLETED BUILD]

    i have been getting some tools and things together for my HMS blandford build , i had the plans printed at my local kinko's and i am trying to source some wood , looking at the plans , and reading some of the build logs i know that i need to check the measurements of the prints, so my first...
  5. Donnie

    Donnie's HMS Blandford Cross Section Build: 1/32 Scale [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This is now the official first opening remarks about my 1:32 build log of the Blandford. The first comment is that this is my first scratch build. I have been putting this off for a long time and now is the time. I also ordered the Blandford AOTS to help me with terminology. First things first...
  6. SigEp Ziggy

    SigEp Ziggy - HMS Blandford Cross Section - 1/48 Group Build

    I thought I would just jump-in feet first into the world of POF! I have PM'd Donnie and am waiting for access to the download plans!
  7. BigMike

    BigMike,s Blandford Cross Section 1:32 scale [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This is the start of my build log for 1:32 scale Blandford cross section build. I started last fall with the build board and milling up some Cherry boards for the keel and frames. My Soleil Royal kit came in and I started working on it so the Blandford was put on the shelf. I started cutting...
  8. Norway


    This will be my build log for the HMS Blandford cross section
  9. Uwek

    Book review Book Review: "The 20-Gun Ship BLANDFORD" (Anatomy of the Ship series) by Peter Goodwin

    Book Review: The 20-Gun Ship BLANDFORD (Anatomy of the Ship series) by Peter Goodwin Hardcover: 119 pages Publisher: US Naval Institute Press; Anatomy of the Ship series edition (March 1, 1988) or Conway Language: English Product Dimensions: 10 x 0.8 x 10.5 inches Shipping Weight: 1.8...
  10. eric67

    Eric's Blandford Build

    Hi Guys, Starting reeeeeaaaal sooon, like the weekend.
  11. Sgtmik

    sgtmik's HMS Blandford cross section build

    Ahoy Ship Mates, Ready to go.
  12. D

    Don Farr's Blandford Cross Section Build

    Hello everyone, this will start my build log.
  13. Mike41

    Prototype HMS Blandford Cross Section Prototype by Mike 41 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This is the original prototype model and should be used along with the building instructions. Mike
  14. DocBlake

    DocBlake's HMS Blandford Cross Section Build - 1/32 Scale - [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This will be my build log for the HMS Blandford cross section. Dave