LA SALAMANDRE, bomb ketch - POF - (CAF-models, 1/48)


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Jul 22, 2017

during thinking about frame 45 I got another idea and made a small project in between

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His name is Mr. Scale and is a surveying master in the yard in scale 1:48.
So whenever it makes sense or also sometimes also if not, I will include this figurin in the photo,
but also for testing the scale correctness of new elements of the ship

These scale correct figurines are printed on the drawings from Jean Boudriot in the ancre publications
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So tomorrow I will think once more about frame 45.....
Hello Uwe,
I for one believe that having a small scale figure at the correct scale to the ship a person is working on makes a world of difference. These figures should not be seen as figures but rather as a necessary tool in order to see how every aspect of the building process fits from one component to another while ensuring the ratios are correct.