SigEp Ziggy - HMS Blandford Cross Section - 1/48 Group Build

Thanks, Doc. I get impatient when I'm excited like a little kid. This is trying my patience because the start is so slow. I don't have everything I need, so, try and be patient, try and be patient, ... repeat three times and breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.
If you are considering using local woods I would have chosen that wood, with the least pattern in the wood itself.
It should not be too soft, as damage / marks can easily be caused by, for example, getting away with different tools.
It shouldn't be too hard either.
Oak, for example, is so hard that the saw blade in mine, Proxxon FET, got very hot, something I learned that I shouldn't do, expensive to buy new.
This is just my opinion and experience.
Making the top larger shouldn’t make much difference. You might find the larger top interferes with clamping at some point, but there should be a work around. Just be sure your keel placement on the lower base is correct. The relationship between the notches and the keel is critical!
I'm just about to turn in for the day, so don't stay up on my account, Mister Shanks.

I'm going to try to set up the jig before this weekend. I am traveling to Eugene Oregon Friday evening, about 400 miles, and will watch the Ducks play the Washington State Cougars on Saturday! PAC 12 match up. Football in a outdoor stadium, it doesn't get better than that. Go Ducks!
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