@Henk Liebre

Dear Henk, Terry, Rich, Uwe, Paul, Jan and Daniel - thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate your thoughts and they all helped to make the day special! It was a normal day at work, so it is always great to come home and see the wishes. Thank you all, again!
Happy Belated Birthday Heinrich, I am very sorry that I misted your Special Day, I have been spending a lot of time on my Oliver Cromwell and not browsing the SOS Form. My Admiral Bernadette and I hope that you had a great day, that you got the biggest piece of cake and that you received all of the new Toys that you had hopped for and just may-be a few more you do very much deserve them all.
Happy Birthday Heinrich
Regards Lawrence
@Canoe21 Thank you very much Lawrence. Birthday was a low-keyed affair this year (I still taught on the day), but I did have the lion's share of the cake. New toys? Let me first see if I can clear the table of what I have :).
Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed your special day. Be well! :)
Belated happy birthday @Heinrich my friend. It's quite a bit late but better late than never. Sending you wishes for a great year ahead. Keep safe always.
@WarrLight Thank you very much for the wishes, Reggie! Belated is not a problem - it is much appreciated.