victory models

  1. ADoyon

    HMS Vanguard 1787 1:72 scale by ADoyon - First Build

    First Build: Amati HMS Vanguard 1787, 1:72 scale. I appreciate the opportunity to share my first build with the SOS community. I have very limited experience with wood ship modeling and hope to receive valuable advice from members. So, all tips and comments are welcome. A little background about...
  2. TechTrek

    Victory Models HMS Fly 1/64 Diorama by TechTrek

    Oh Happy Day!!! I am finally starting to put in place the pieces to begin this adventure in ship building and honouring my family history. I have mentioned in other logs that I was planning on doing a build based on a family historical event. As most historical events passed on through the...
  3. STGCS

    HMS Pegasus - by Amati [COMPLETED BUILD]

    Well I think I'm ready to tackle something a little more complicated. I haven't seen a Pegasus build log posted for a while so I will start one. Bought the kit as well as Bob Hunts practicum so ready to start. First thing I noticed when the kit arrived was the weight, maybe 5 pounds or more. I...
  4. Daniel20

    HMS Fly - Amati 1:64 - by Daniel20 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    I finally received my HMS Fly yesterday and after much review am excited to share this build log with everyone. These first 4 photos represent punch out, dry fit, sanding in various locations to get a comfortable fit, and finally glue up. Had it not been for information from this group as well...
  5. danielsje

    Victory Models Kit Revenge 1577 Race Built Galleon scale 1/64

    I have not posted a build log for some time so I thought it was time. I have started the Victory Models Kit Revenge 1577. It is a classic Race Built Galleon Warship of the Elizabethan Navy. I started the model six months back and set it aside to build a smaller model for my Granddaughter...
  6. glbarlow

    HM Cutter Lady Nelson 1803 - Scale 1:64, Victory Models by Glbarlow [COMPLETED BUILD]

    So here I am, writing a build log again, though it is the first time on Ships of Scale. I started all my ship builds with a purpose; I learned the process with the AVS practicum, developed technique and accuracy with the Granado, painted with exotic woods to achieve color differentiation with...
  7. K

    HMS Agamemnon Build Log

    Everyone: Im somewhat jumping in half way through the dance with my build log. While Im working on the ratlines and shrouds and stays right now I thought I would post pics first of when the hull was close to done and take it from there. This pic was two years ago.. with work and life I havent...
  8. tonphil1960

    H.M.S. Fly, Victory models.

    Ok finally have my first wooden ship project underway. I’ve been wanting to start and reading about wooden ships for 10 years so it’s about time. First question as the first piece i handled already doesn’t match the plan, please see photo. Ive looked at many Swan class builds and this wasn’t...
  9. I

    brig Mercury

    Construction of the brig mercury model, legend of the Russian fleet
  10. Snowy

    Hms Vanguard 1787 1:72 - Victory Models/Amati

    Ok finally moved house Now for the fun part the vanguard or maybe bellaphoran I'm 2 days in an have been reading the plan s for 4 months here we go. A new house also means new workshop thought I'd throw in a few photos. Cheers snowy
  11. Allan.P

    HMS Fly 1/64th scale from Victory Models Build log

    This is my build log for HMS Fly which I started 3 years ago. It's my first wooden ship model and something I've wanted to do for many years since I used to roam about in the Royal Navy Museums in Portsmouth Royal Dockyard back in the 70s. I was serving in the Royal Navy at the time and spent...
  12. aew

    HMS Vanguard 1787 - Victory Models - 1:72 [COMPLETED BUILD]

    This build log stated some time ago - Christmas 2011 in fact, so this is going to start as a catch-up series of posts to bring things up to the present day. ************************************************************ HMS Vanguard 1787 The first POB model ship I built was the French corvette...