Don Farr's Blandford Cross Section Build

That is more then me, I have the Blanford, the Gun Boat Philadelphia, and now The Matthew, I plan on concentrating on The Matthew, and the Blandford, with the gun boat as a fill in, as I am comming to the PART THAT I HATE DOING THE RIGGING(OH BOY) normally do not do the rigging just stub masts for 2 have not got the room, and the real reason DO NOT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING, may only show the masts and yards but will try it as the plans are really good, and detailed. Don
Thanks Mike, are you still doing yours miss your excellent work, can not wait to get back to it just waiting for my material to arrieve so I can start working on the main deck, in the mean time have cut out the arms and MAIN DECK KNEES. Don
I agree Mike, like you and Doc Blake i have multi projects going on, and I work on all three not at the same time but I do change what I am working on when I feel a block is comming up or when I get stuck I switch to another model so I will not get burnt out, right now I am concentrating on the Blanford, The Matthew, and using my Gunboat Philadelphia as a fill in as I am comming to the part THAT I REALLY DISLIKE WITCH IS THE RIGGING UGH. Don
Hi all, Needed a break from my Gunboat Philadelphia, for a few days, so started on my Blandford build again, doing main deck beams, hopefully will be able to use my milling table to cut the notches, have some pictures and need advice and some help, how are some of you handeling the main deck beams are yo shapping it before you cut the notches or after, and HOW AM I DOING AM MY ON THE RIGHT TRACK, how does the camber look, any help wou

Hi Don, everything looks good. This deck will be easier than the lower deck with the experience you gained from it.
A little more progress, the MDB are dry fitted, on this deck framing I am trying to avoid the mistakes on the lower deck, so I used a stop piece for the corect placement of the MDB taken from the plans this time I will double and triple check the placement, hope I get it right, now starting to put the MAIN DECK ARMS TO MDB No2 glueing it on the plans then installing it on the model to MDB No3, as always if anyone sees anything wrong PLEASE COMMENT

more progress on the pictures, now showing MDB No 2 on the framing plan along with the deck arms, this time around I am spending a great deal of time to get everything to fit as well as I can, the pins show the outline of the beams and arms in relations to the plans, I wll glue the arms to the MDB No2 tonight or tommorrow, and just pray that it goes onto the model as it is suposed to, big difference in using the framing plan and makeing it work on the model, AT THIS CRITICAL JUNCTURE any coments or CRTISEMS AR GREATLY APPRECIATED and any ideas how to hold the GLUED UP PIECE WHILE PUTTING IT TO THE MODEL WITHOUT IT COMMING APART, well here goes20190224_203034[4199].jpg20190224_202923[4200].jpg20190224_202836[4201].jpg20190224_202015[4202].jpg20190224_202015[4203].jpg20190224_201827[4204].jpg
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Hi Don,

I don't have experience assembling deck beams, but I would try a few methods: you can assemble and glue everything on the table (you have to build a jig, follow the same curvature as your beams). Once it dried, the entire piece glue to the frames.
Another method, to work with 2 beams at the time. Introduce some glue to the beams, and while they are not completely dry, add carlings and lodging knees (one by one) between those beams. To hold the structure firm (while drying) put some quick grip on those two beams.
more progress pictures dry fitting the MDBs and ARMS, notice the different gaps port and starboard for the P-1, P-2 and for the MDHK Nos. 2 and 5 then discovered mistake in positing the wood patterens when corections were made the space on both port and starboard are the same, but the PROBLEM IS THERE IS NO SPACE FOR THE MDHKs will have to go back to plans and check them again as an aside a year ago I would not have checked, and triple checked I would have just started sanding away, LEARNED SOMETHING FROM SOS
Need help before I continue, in my last post, I did a dry fit of the KNEE PLACEMENT, since this caused me a great deal of anguish in the lower deck framing I am determined to do it right on the MDF, so do I have it right