DocBlake's HMS Blandford Cross Section Build - 1/32 Scale - [COMPLETED BUILD]

The exterior of the model is complete. I mounted all the deadeyes and chainplates and glued the retaining strips to hold them in place. The chainplates were nailed to the hull through pre-drilled holes and secured with a drop of CA. The chainplates were fixed to the channels in their notches with a little gel CA. The finished channels have a decorative groove cut in the outside edge, and knees to counter the upward stress the shrouds would put on the channels.

All that's left is to rig the cannons, and add some kegs, match tubs and tools to the two battles stations on the gun deck.


This is the sequence for making the deadeye stropping and chain plates. This style of chain plate was in use by the British Royal navy before 1760. Blandford was launched in 1720.

I started with a length of 18 gauge copper wire (adjust based on scale and deadeye size). I wrapped it around the deadeye (a sacrificial deadeye, not the final one) and then clamped the two wires about 3/16" from the deadeye with a pair of pliers. With another pliers I squeezed the two wires between the first pair of pliers and the deadeye to create a tight strop with two parallel copper wires.

I then soldered the two copper wires together. Be careful not to solder too close to the deadeye or you won't be able to remove it. Once soldered, remove the sacrificial deadeye (you can use it again!).

File the soldered "strap" flat and remove any excess solder.

Blacken the chainplate and install the finish deadeye. Mine were dyed black.

Bend the chainplate to fit the channel and butt up against the hull. Drill a hole in the end of the chainplate, and with an awl mark the location on the hull where you'll pin the chainplate. Use the hole in the chainplate to mark the location. Drill that hole.

Install the chainplate/deadeye assembly.

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Real nice Dave great work. I had the same idea for the chains but did not use the solder. maybe next time.
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