Thanks for the photo Phil
Didn't expect that you would use this paint, and it turns out surprisingly well on you
I have the same color from another brand here
Appreciate your comments. I did a test and liked the result. Took two coats and some further touch up of course. I admire your work.
Thanks, Phil
Posting an update on my log. I have completed a lot of the deck parts and most of the hull.
Deck parts are quite straightforward although some challenges as always. Still learning a lot. This has been my most gratifying project so far.
Hopefully I will be up to the tasks ahead. Sending my best to all of my fellow modelers. Phil IMG_0896.jpegIMG_0903.jpegIMG_0902.jpegIMG_0901.jpegIMG_0900 (1).jpegIMG_0898.jpegIMG_0899.jpegIMG_0893.jpeg
The ships hull and deck works are looking good. I like your choice of red paints, I will list that color for my next paint shop run.

Now on to the fun part of the masts, yards and rigging.

Have you decided if your doing with full sails, or sails furled in port, or no sales at all? Best to decide before starting the rigging work.
Hi Peter.
Thank you for taking the time and commenting. The deck fittings are quite straightforward and I am enjoying the build. Thanks for all your help.
Best wishes, Phil
Congratulations on all your work so far Phil! I am very happy that you regard the build as your best effort to date.
Further progress. I would like to acknowledge the help and fun I have had observing everyone's logs on this boat. So a big Thank You!
I think it is a bit of a milestone having pretty much completed the deck fittings and about ready to start building the masts.
First the Dory boats. These were really fun to build. I went with green paint, a little different but I personally like it. IMG_0921.JPG